The cellar of the Cascinone estate is given over to valorising the iconic wine of the Monferrato wine growing area, Barbera d’Asti. Presented in three different types, all in the Superior version, the Barbera d’Asti wines produced by the Cascinone are aged in barriques.

Fermentation on the skins

The grapes are harvested manually and, as soon as they reach the cellar, are stemmed and crushed. Fermentation takes place in 100 hl horizontal fermentation vats, equipped with internal scoops to remove the cap of the fermenting skins. The maceration processes are lengthy: up to 10-15 days on Barbera and Merlot, up to 20 days for Pinot nero and Nebbiolo. The wine is then aged in large 35 and 70 French wood and Slavonian oak barrels or in barriques.

Fermentation without the skins

Hand-picked, the grapes are sent directly to the cellar where they remain for one night in cold storage at a temperature of 5-8°C. They are stemmed and crushed on the following day and, after settling for 48 hours, are then fermented. The resulting wines remain on the lees for at least 6 months.